Boulevard Gardens intersection will get a traffic light


Assemblyman Brian Barnwell was just a kid when his neighbors began advocating for street safety measures around the Boulevard Gardens co-op complex in Woodside.

Some three decades later, Barnwell, who still lives in his lifelong home, was able to work with Councilman Costa Constantinides and the Department of Transportation (DOT) to install a traffic light at Hobart Street and 30th Avenue.

Earlier this week, DOT announced that the light will be installed by the end of the year.

“Thirty-five years of writing letters and making calls are finally over,” Constantinides said.

Over the years, the city tried different methods to slow down drivers in the area. They tried an all-way stop sign, and a blinking red light. Those measures failed.

Now, in addition to the traffic light, the DOT has implemented these other enhancements:

  • Installing a large concrete triangle at the tip of Strippoli Square (51st and 54th Streets at 31st Avenue)
  • Painting a large triangle section at Hobart and 51st Streets
  • Realigning and narrowing the moving lanes along Hobart Street
  • Extending the concrete curb at Hobart Street and 30th Avenue
  • Making all crossings ADA-compliant with pedestrian access ramps

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