DenDekker to host workshop on opening child care business

Louis Armstrong Middle School
Louis Armstrong Middle School

On Thursday, April 18, Assemblyman Michael DenDekker will host a free event advising local residents how to open and maintain a child care business.

The event, which will take place at Louis Armstrong Middle School IS 227 (32-02 Junction Blvd) at 7pm, will be in collaboration with the Business Outreach Center.

Small businesses, entrepreneurs and stay-at-home parents can consult with experienced professionals on a number of issues, including accessing government programs, identifying loan and grant opportunities, technical assistance and state and local regulations.

Here’s a statement from Assemblyman DenDekker:

“I am passionate about helping my constituents, especially stay-at-home parents that may want to supplement their household income and secure stable employment. With demand for quality child care, we must ensure that parents and small business owners have the proper information on how to start or maintain a child care service and to find available resources to work in child care.”

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