Master Plan for Sunnyside Yards on its way

Just when you thought we were safe from overdevelopment….. the city announced its selection of an architect (Vishaan Chakrabarti) to come up with a master development plan for Sunnyside Yards.

Sunnyside Yards development is getting a master plan.
Sunnyside Yards development is getting a master plan.

The site is about 175 acres and basically runs between Northern Blvd and Queens Blvd. There are plenty of people who are comparing this project to that of Hudson Yards. Here, it is estimated that if built, the area could possibly house nearly 25,000 housing units.

screen shot sunnyside yards


Vishaan Chakrabarti is a former city planner, serving as Manhattan’s director. He is an architect and founder of A Partnership for Architecture and Urbanism. He is responsible for designs of the Domino Domino Sugar factory development in Williamsburg … turning the lot into a mixed use neighborhood.

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