Sunnyside district leader posts in play on June 23



Electing Democrats and wanting reform isn’t enough. Working to make changes for the better in our neighborhoods, city and state by partnering with leaders that recognize our commitment is what the district deserves.

We represent the people of this district and that’s who we will always be working for.

Queens has traditionally been the incubator of New York City’s middle class. Generation after generation have come here from all 50 states and every nation of the world to build a better life, to find decent, hardworking communities in which they can raise their children, own a home, and send their kids to good schools – basically to live out the American Dream.

For some time now, we have seen those possibilities slipping away. Wages have become stagnant and housing costs – along with everything else – have been increasing. With the onslaught of COVID-19, the instability of the stock market, and unrest in our streets, the future seems uncertain.

However, one thing is certain: the working class has always been the foundation of this great city, and without us, that very foundation will collapse. The poor cannot pay taxes and the rich refuse to do so.

It is the working men and women of New York, those that take care of the sick, that move the masses, that put out the fires, that teach our children, that build this great metropolis, that are the lifeblood. New York City cannot survive without them.

We are dedicated to preserving these middle-class professions, ideals and neighborhoods throughout LIC, Sunnyside and Woodside.

Deirdre Feerick is an attorney with Transport Workers Union 100. Michael McGuire has been a member of Construction and Building Laborers Local 79 four decades, working on health and safety legislation and diversifying the trades. Both are candidates for district leader.

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