Sunnyside Shines Dancing Beats

Sunnyside Shines Irish Dance

Sunnyside Shines is hosting free music and dancing performances at Bliss Plaza, located at 46th Street and Queens Boulevard, from 4 to 7 p.m. each Tuesday of the month in September.

September 11 features Beats in Bliss Plaza with the Queens Opera Theatre. The theatre was founded by Brian Gill and Andy Anderson, and the pair has extensive experience working in musical theatre production across the country.

September 18 will feature live Irish music and dance with the McManus Irish Dancers. There will also be games and craft activities at the plaza.

September 25 will conclude with the Thalia Spanish Theatre. They will put on their Variety show, and give a preview of their upcoming fall show, “Queen of the Night” or “Reinas de la Noche.”

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