Sunnyside Shines to honor Van Bramer at Citi Field

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Sunnyside Shines was formed a decade ago, and for nine of those 10 years, a local councilman has supported the organization’s revitalization efforts.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer has funded many of Sunnyside Shines’ programs, including renovations to the Sunnyside Arch. He has been supportive of¬†initiatives¬†like holiday lightings, small business marketing events and creating public plazas at 40th and 46th streets.

That’s why Sunnyside Shines will honor the councilman at a New York Mets game at Citi field on July 11.

Van Bramer will receive the honor before home plate before the first pitch is tossed on that summer day. It’ll be doubly special for Van Bramer, who is a diehard Mets fan.

Prior to the game, Van Bramer and Sunnyside Shines are hosting a happy hour in Sunnyside before taking the train to Citi Field.

Those interested in joining can buy tickets here.

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