Parking meters won’t take cards in parts of Sunnyside


UPDATE: It turns out the parking meter malfunction was citywide, and it was due to a technical glitch from the start of the new year.

According to reports, the payment software on muni-meters was configured to end on January 1, 2020. The vendor that was hired to develop the system forgot to update its software.

The city’s DOT has reportedly said there’s no estimate for how long the fix will take.

That means for the time being, we advise that you carry some quarters with you to pay the meter. Or at the very least, find your local bodega or laundromat for change!


This morning, parking meters in areas of Sunnyside appeared to have a malfunction of some kind.

The muni-meters on 47th Street and Greenpoint Avenue did not take credit or debit cards, and only accepted coins. The meters along Queens Boulevard and 43rd Avenue also had the same problem.

Even the machines under the 46th Street/Bliss Street station overpass did not take cards.

As of 2 p.m., the machines still did not work properly.


We’ve reached out to the Department of Transportation to about the issue. DOT requested users to file a 311 complaint.

The meter problem did not appear to be citywide or even borough-wide. Motorists we’ve contacted in Forest Hills and Astoria confirmed that the meters in those commercial areas were working.

We’ll keep you posted on how the DOT responds to our inquiry.