Woodside native Greg Lasak is running for District Attorney

He’s running.

Woodside native Greg Lasak, who just left the bench of the Supreme Court of Queens County earlier this month, threw his hat into the ring for Queens District Attorney.

His announced his bid with this video, titled “Unequaled,” which cites his experience as a prosecutor, judge and champion of overturning wrongful convictions.

Lasak attended Queens College and New York Law School. He became an Assistant District Attorney and rose to become the chief of the Homicide Bureau and executive assistant for the Major Crimes Division.

In 2003, Lasak was elected to the Supreme Court of Queens and re-election in 2017, serving as the Deputy Administrative Judge.

Lasak reopened wrongful prosecution cases that led to two dozen exonerations.

He is campaigning on ending cash bail on low-level, non-violent offenses, and will decline to prosecute and divert where appropriate.

Lasak wants to also focus on strengthening relations between police and communities.

Learn more about the candidate with the video above.

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